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4 Anthologies You Do Not Want to Miss! (Nina Garrido)

Updated: Apr 2

collage of covers from all four recommended anthologies

Ahh! That's What I Call Horror an Anthology of '90s Horror cover, with cassette tapes, camcorders, and skulls on a neon cover

Ahh! That's What I Call Horror: An Anthology of 90s Horror.

Edited by: Chelsea Pumpkins.

4 out of 5 Stars

All of the 14 stories in this fantastic anthology are set in the 1990s, aka the coolest decade ever, and each one is accompanied by stellar artwork. This will bring you all the nostalgic feelings you could ever wish for, coupled with fun and gory plots that will keep you glued to the pages. We have murderous Cabbage Patch dolls, sentient Barbies, early creepypastas, mysterious sitcom pilots, a Blockbuster lair, and much more. Also, this anthology introduced me to authors who are now on my instant buy list. It’s a guaranteed fun time, the best way I can think to describe it is that it’s the perfect spooky summer read. Possible side effects: You’ll feel compelled to marathon all of the 90’s movies.

Howls From the Wreckage anthology cover, in neon green and pink, showing a monster coming out of a split in the earth and taking a car

Howls From the Wreckage: An Anthology of Disaster Horror.

Edited by: Christopher O’Halloran.

5 out of 5 Stars.

I had sky-high expectations for this anthology, seeing as several of my favorite authors are featured. I mean, when you have P. L. McMillian, Bridget D. Brave, Chelsea Pumpkins, Caleb Stephens, and Carson Winter in the same anthology, you KNOW it’s going to be a hit. And let me tell you, this book managed to surpass my enormous expectations, becoming one of my favorite anthologies and introducing me to so many amazing authors. It covers every possible disaster: Natural disasters, monsters, supernatural, hurricanes, floods, monsters from another dimension kidnaping children, a monster coming from the sea, and much more. There is humor, sadness, terror, shock and despair sprinkled all over this and one of the stories actually made me ugly cry. Just be sure you’re emotionally prepared and check trigger warnings before diving into this one.

Confirmed Sightings horror anthology, with a cover showing cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Jersey Devil in a movie theater eating popcorn

Confirmed Sightings: A Triple Cryptid Creature Feature.

Written by: P. L. McMillan, Bridget D. Brave, Ryan Marie Ketterer

4 out of 5 Stars.

Well, would you look at this? An anthology of novellas by authors that I love that are one of my favorite subgenres. Who doesn’t love cryptid-centered stories? Each author approaches it in very distinct, but equally good, ways. McMillan gives us a fast-paced Mothman in space tale, filled with tension, suspicious cover-ups, complex characters, and beautiful writing. Bridget lures you in with what seems to be a fun and light tale about a girl falling in love with the Piazza Bird, written as blog posts this story is sure to take you for a ride. It manages to be laugh-out-loud funny while handling a heavy subject gracefully and respectfully. In Ketterer’s novella, we’re introduced to a world populated with cryptids, social politics, hierarchy, and a suspicious murder. The duo tasked with figuring this mystery out had a great dynamic and I had a blast accompanying them while they explored this intriguing society.

The cover of Crawling: A Horror Anthology depicting a skull with a neon colored hood and green slime dripping from the eye sockets

Crawling: A Horror Anthology

Edited by: Cat Benstead.

5 out of 5 Stars.

Release Date: September 23rd.

So, I might be a little biased regarding this one since I helped Cat read through the submissions and they were incredible. I fell in love with so many of them and, believe me when I say that the 13 stories chosen were simply perfect. They are all disgusting (in the best way), and are sure to make your skin crawl and I promise at least one of them will disturb you so much that it’ll be forever tattooed on your soul. The writing in all the stories is phenomenal, even though they’re all body horror, they spam different subgenres so there’s something for everyone. I give you my word that there is not a single tale in this that I didn’t love with all my heart. It’s the kind of anthology that you won’t be able to put down and it now has a place on my top ten favorite horror books.

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