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Abigail - Daemon Manx

Abigail is the most heartwarming horror fiction (short-ish) story I've ever read. It feels like a bit of an oxymoron to say "heartwarming horror", but that's exactly what it is!

We start with Adrian delving through his dating history with a friend (and dating is horror all on its own), simultaneously giving some insight into his character. Being a neat freak, incredibly organized, and particular about details, he's the last person you would expect to take custody of the strange but beautiful baby girl he finds on his doorstep after he gets home from a dream date.

It doesn't take him long to realize how much she changes the world around her, including his own well-established habits and routines. He hides away with her in his apartment, concerned for her welfare, but eventually has to leave the house with her. What will happen when more people see her? What will the doctor have to say? The twist at the end absolutely blindsided me!

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