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All Girls Weekend (2016) - Spoiler Free

All Girls Weekend came out in 2016 and focuses on a group of former high school friends who all get together for a weekend escape to the mountains. The friends seem to have lost touch over the years, and there are clearly grudges held between someone of the characters. All Girls Weekend was written and directed by Lou Simon (3 2017, Agoraphobia 2015).

The film begins with childhood friends Michelle (Jamie Bernadette), Nancy (Katie Carpenter), Jo (Gema Calero), and Mel (Sharron Calvin) embarking on a hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains, seeking adventure and reconnecting after years of separation. As they venture deeper into the dense forest, tensions arise, and unresolved conflicts resurface, slowly tearing apart the group's unity. The isolated and eerie surroundings contribute effectively to the film's atmosphere, creating an ominous and foreboding mood.

Where "All Girls Weekend" falls short is in its lack of character development. As the movie progresses, some of the characters' decisions feel forced and illogical, hindering the audience's connection with them. I would have loved to see a more in-depth view of each character's background and motives, which could have improved the emotional impact of the film.

The film does well in building suspense and keeping viewers on edge with unexpected twists and eerie occurrences. As the group becomes lost and disoriented, a sense of paranoia sets in, adding layers of tension to the plot. The cinematography captures the beauty of the wilderness while also highlighting the group's vulnerability and isolation. It definitely made me want to cancel any hiking trips I had planned on unknown trails.

In conclusion, "All Girls Weekend" delivers a decent horror-thriller experience with its tense atmosphere and solid performances. Still, it ultimately lacks the character depth to make it truly stand out. Fans of the genre may find enjoyment in the film's suspenseful moments and well-executed scares, but those seeking a more character-driven narrative might be left wanting. Nonetheless, if you're in the mood for a chilling wilderness adventure with a dose of horror, "All Girls Weekend" might be worth a watch.

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