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Beach Bodies - Nick Kolakowski

I'm not even going to lie to you - this book threw me for one hell of a loop! I was wracking my brain trying to sort out what direction the plot was headed in, and I failed miserably in attempting to predict it.

Julia and Alec are the main characters, and Nick does a great job of alternating between the past and present to explain their complicated dynamic. There's no confusion between timelines, so the flow is great as we learn about their history, while delving deeper into the sticky situation they find themselves in.

Julia is hired to house sit for a mysterious, wealthy stranger, and her ex Alec shows up with an injury he's received under questionable circumstances. Not long after, three strangers breach the perimeter of the residence, with one in critical shape, and they make both Julia and Alec question everything they know. If this were a comedy, this is where I would say "hijinks ensued", but the events that follow are far from comedic!

The strangers hold the keys to secrets that Julia and Alec didn't even know existed, and Nick has written a kill scene that I'm quite certain is the only one of its kind. (Anyone who is sensitive to violence of a sexual nature should be aware that it could be triggering.) It's impossible to predict the twists and turns along the way, and the ending flips everything on its head in a bizarre way!

Beach Bodies* is a fast paced read that keeps you guessing the entire time, and leaves you wanting more answers!

Nick can be found here:

Twitter: @nkolakowski

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