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Bishop - Candace Nola

Bishop is a story that utilizes some super effective elements, resulting in a survival and monster tale that will send shivers down your spine for a wide variety of reasons!

The setting is one I've mentioned before as being a particularly awful one (in a wonderful way) for me. I hate being cold. I grew up in upstate NY, now live in the south, and everyone still makes fun of me for bundling up to the teeth when it starts to get chilly here. I bring a blanket to work every day, and sometimes get lucky enough to have use of the office space heater. Combine that mentality with a setting in the Alaskan wilderness: frigid, dark, lonely, and seemingly endless.

As if that weren't enough, add in one of the most terrifying of the cryptids/monsters that frequent North American folklore. Fourteen-year-old Casey is better prepared for the wilderness than most adults would be, thanks to her mom, Erin, and Uncle Troy, but there's really no way to be ready for a violent, unknown creature stalking you through that same wilderness.

As Troy and his hired help, the dark and broody Bishop, hunt for any sign of Casey and Erin in the snowy nightmare, Bishop prepares himself for a showdown with the creature. Unlike everyone else who has encountered the monster, he knows exactly what it is, and fully intends to destroy it before any more innocent people fall victim to it. Such a GREAT read, especially with winter upon us!!

Find Candace and her work here:

Twitter: @candace_nola


Facebook: Candace Nola

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