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Bleeding Into New Worlds - Sarah Jane Huntington

I'm nothing short of ashamed that it's taken me this long to read work written by Sarah Jane (I promise you've been on my TBR for months!), but my goodness, what an absolute masterpiece to start with! Sarah Jane doesn't play around when it comes to punching you right in the feels.

Sadly, many of us have felt the severe depression our main character Anna struggles with, to varying extents. If not outright depression, we've at least wondered what our purpose is, if we're truly meant to be where we are, and what might exist beyond the day to day world. Sarah Jane takes those emotions and curiosities, and cranks the volume up to eleven!

After a lifetime of struggling, Anna finally believes she's found her people. There's not one, but four other people who have actually experienced other worlds, and possess knowledge that Anna wants so desperately to share with them. She goes to drastic lengths to reach the same level she believes they're on spiritually (literally bleeding into a new world), in preparation for a ritual that has been their ultimate goal.

In a hugely shocking twist, things don't go the way anyone anticipated, and I refuse to say any more about that out of fear of giving away plot twists. What I will say, is that as someone who has practiced meditation for a while now, this story is EXTRA terrifying, but also oddly satisfying in a way that you'll only understand once you've read it all. It's currently available for pre-order, with a release date of January 4th, from the esteemed 3-B Publishing we all know and love!

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