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Book Review: The Death Doula by Ali Seay

Cover by Carrion House, featuring a woman in front of a house, the cover of THE DEATH DOULA by Ali Seay

We're posting this a little later than usual, but we're just so excited to share. Today marked the release of THE DEATH DOULA by Ali Seay.

I read my first Seay book, HYSTERIA: LOLLY AND LADY VANITY earlier this year and knew instantly that I wanted more. THE DEATH DOULA delivers, and then some.

It has one of the most oppressive and vivid haunted house atmospheres I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, complete with a terrible history and surrounding local legends. The characters are sympathetic, but incredibly flawed, and this is exactly the kind of problematic queer rep I am always seeking.

I'm trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but I will say there were several developments that I was not expecting when I picked up the book.

Cemetery Gates Media knocked it out of the park with their presentation of this disturbing story, and I cannot wait to see what they, and Seay, do next.

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