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Dust Bunnies from Hell - J. E. Erickson

Tali holding her Kindle with the book cover of Dust Bunnies from Hell featured on the screen

“Dust Bunnies from Hell”, by J. E Erickson, is a fun young adult demon possession story.

Krista’s sister, Sadie, has become cold and distant. Krista is convinced her sister is possessed by a demon. Makes sense. Aren’t all cold and distant people possessed by demons? 😆Krista finds a book to help destroy the demon. Then, the fun begins.

Krista starts with the summoning ritual and takes the reader through the stages of demonic possession. Sounds dark. Oh, but it is not. Erickson created a lighthearted feel-good story complete with fuzzy monsters. There are so many hilarious parts.

Erickson fleshed out relatable characters and put them in a well-paced story. Once “Dust Bunnies from Hell” reaches the halfway point, everything goes awry in the most enjoyable way.

Fans of YA horror should check out “Dust Bunnies from Hell.”

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