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bury your gays: queer existential sci-fi horror

when bigshot television writer misha finds himself being forced to choose between jeopardizing his career and forsaking his morals after being told by his studio that, sure, he can absolutely go ahead with the lesbian romance he's been planning for the protagonists of the x-files-esque show he writes, so long as he immediately kills one of them off, the choice seems easy - fuck the studio; when bizarre, thoroughly impossible things begin happening, however, misha comes to the stomach-churning realization that not only his livelihood but his whole ass life - and the lives of the people he loves - are hanging in the balance.

i had a really good time with this! what a queer as hell, beautifully mashed together flurry of science fiction horror and existential horror with a sly little sprinkle of 'be careful what you wish for.' it was absurd and funny and distressing and anxiety inducing. the vague but obvious references to The Supernatural Ordeal were great fun although i have been heartbrokenly furious at the way they ended that show every day since the finale, which i could go on about at length but i will spare you. anyway - fuck yeah chuck tingle you god damn beautiful gift.

def recommend - 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

📺bury your gays will be available via tor nightfire on july 9th📺


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