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Children of Demeter - EV Knight

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

I consumed this book faster than a slice of pepperoni, mushroom, and green pepper pizza. The pacing of Children of Demeter* is phenomenal! EV gets the ball rolling from the very beginning, wasting no time. We immediately pick up with Sara and the mysterious property she's purchased - formerly the home of the Children of Demeter cult before they vanished into the night decades earlier.

EV does a masterful job of painting an image of the property. You can easily conjure up the abandoned house, left to the elements for years, and the dead land surrounding it. There's nothing but vegetation that has gone so long without life flowing through it, regardless of sun and rain, clinging to every surface. The pond has less life in it than a mud puddle... or does it?

It doesn't take Sara long to realize she's not alone in the house, and the locals - even the friendly ones - aren't giving up the secrets they're clearly keeping. It's up to her to sort out the terrifying events unfolding at the house, as she's becoming increasingly lost in them.

EV's characters are constructed so well, that it's impossible to determine who is on which side. The giant chess game being played in the town of West Burma becomes more and more hazy, until everything comes together in a brutal escalation that leaves your head spinning! Cults + mythology + mysterious property + tight-lipped townsfolk = a novel you'll find yourself unable to put down once you pick it up!

Find EV here:

Facebook: EVKnight

Instagram: e_v_knight_author

Twitter: @EVKnightAuthor

TikTok: evknight666

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