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Cinema at a Glance - A Bloody Good Time; Midnight Screening Review (Spoiler-Free)

Midnight Screening Poster for Spoiler Free Review of the Movie

Image courtesy of IMBD

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans! This week I wanna tell you about the 2021 film Midnight Screening. This film follows a group of coworkers who stay late after work at the local movie theater to watch an advanced screening of a new horror movie. However, as the patrons leave and the staff are winding down to watch the film the staff are slowly picked off one-by-one.

Midnight Screening has a quick run time of just over an hour and I think the pacing is pretty solid. We spend the first bit of the film getting to know the staff and learning how they interact with one another. This build is important because this is a classic who-dun-it slasher, so getting a bit of insight leads the audience to try to figure out if the killer is one of the staff or an outside party. Then we move onto everyone getting comfortable and ready to start the movie. There is an issue with the projector which leads to our first kill and everyone splitting up to do different things while they wait for the projector to be fixed. Finally, as a few workers are picked off we enter the third act where the few people left standing realize something is wrong and begin the fight for their lives against the killer.

Overall the kills in Midnight Screening were solid and gave classic slasher vibes for fans of the genre. The suspense was good and I enjoyed the reveal at the end. Check this one out, I think it’s worth the watch. Don't forget to grab some popcorn and silence your cell phones.

7 out of 10 Screams

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