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Welcome Home (2018): A “Killer” Home Rental Experience

From left to right: there's a man in a gray shirt with short facial hair who looks distressed, a woman with long, dark hair wearing a gold necklace and a black tank top who seems uncomfortable, and a dark-haired man in a gray long-sleeved shirt who has a sinister look
Image courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes
Image courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Welcome back horror fans! This week we are heading out on an Italian vacation, that quickly turns sinister for our main couple. Starring Aaron Paul as Bryan and Emily Ratajakowski as Cassie, the movie features a couple who have come to Italy to re-ignate their relationship. Cassie booked them a large home in the Italian countryside far away from any other houses. While out running one morning Cassie falls and is offered help in the form of a ride home from Frederico (Riccardo Scamarcio). This stirs up trouble with the couple as the audience finds out Cassie has been unfaithful before and Bryan is having a hard time moving past that betrayal.

Riccardo starts off seeming like just a helpful local who wants to make sure Bryan and Cassie have the best time on their trip, but soon it turns out that he seems to have more sinister plans. We see on a few occasions that Riccardo is watching Cassie and Bryan from a secret room under the house. He also plants seeds between the couple that push them further apart. As the tension between the couple threatens to bubble over, Ricciardo's sinister plan is revealed.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. Coming in at just under an hour and 40 minutes the build to the climax of the film held my engagement and gave a good payoff at the end. I enjoy a good home invasion movie and this film offered that while also giving a great mystery and I think everything was resolved nicely at the end. Seeing Cassie and Bryan have to come to terms with the situation they find themselves made the climax enjoyable and a bit shocking in the actions they took. I would definitely check this out while it's on Tubi.

8 out of 10 Screams

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