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Tubi Tuesday: Captive 2023 (Spoiler Free)

Happy Tuesday Horror Fans! This week I sunk my teeth into a newer vampire movie titled, “Captive”. Captive follows a group of friends who break into a house while the owners are away for a weekend retreat. Upon entering the house they soon find Drake (played by Cody Frank) chained up in the basement. The friends think they are doing the right thing by letting him go but little do they know this decision sets off a chain of bloody events.

As the story unfolds, we discover that Drake is a vampire who develops feelings for Ashley (played by Scout Taylor-Compton), a member of the friend group, and turns her. While teaching her the ways of vampirism, Ashley gradually preys on most of her friends for sustenance. With their food source dwindling, Ashley invites more friends over for a party at the house, leading to a bloodbath in the third act.

Overall this movie was a fun middle-of-the-road vampire flick. I enjoyed watching Ashley embrace her new lifestyle and how the writer chose to depict vampires. It’s interesting to see Ashley’s friends try and figure out why she is acting differently while also trying to figure put why their friends are disappearing.

With a quick runtime of 80 minutes, I feel like this is a fun watch for anyone who enjoys a vampire flick. The ending wraps up nicely with the audience finding out how Drake came to be locked in the basement.

6 out of 10 Screams

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