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Tubi Tuesday: The Washington County Disappearances 2022 (Spoiler Free)

Happy Tuesday, horror fans! This week's pick is for found footage enthusiasts - "The Washington County Disappearances." The plot revolves around a man's relentless search for his missing fiancée, meticulously documenting his efforts. As he delves deeper, he discovers unsettling connections to other young women who have vanished under similar circumstances. Robert Farmer takes on the role of Luke, our protagonist, and also serves as the writer and director of this film.

While the film's pacing left something to be desired, the last 20 minutes delivered genuine horror vibes as Luke meticulously tracks down the potential whereabouts of Olivia, his missing fiancée. The mysterious premise held my attention, and the intense climax was worth the wait.

Luke's character is quite likable, and his solo pursuit after receiving no help from local authorities draws the audience into the story, making us root for his efforts. The found footage medium and intriguing storyline kept me engaged throughout the film. However, the sole focus on Luke until the very end made the narrative feel somewhat one-dimensional at times.

Overall, the film successfully delivers a suspenseful experience, with the climax providing the horror intensity audiences anticipate. While some moments may fall flat, the combination of found footage elements and an interesting plot kept me invested. You'll need to push through to reach the thrilling conclusion, but it's worth it for found footage fans!

6.5 out of 10 Screams

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