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Tubi Tuesday: Burn 2019 (Spoiler-Free)

Two women and a man holding a gun are posed over the title "Burn", and a gas station's fuel pumps with a police SUV have flames shooting up behind them

TW - Attempted Rape

Happy Tuesday, Horror Fans! This week, I've got an exciting review for you. I recently watched "Burn," and let me tell you, it was a gripping experience. This single-setting thriller unfolds at a gas station on a chilly winter evening, starring Tilda Cobhan-Hervey as Melinda, Josh Hutcherson as Billy, and Suki Waterhouse as Sheila.

Melinda, our protagonist, exudes boredom with her life, yearning for a meaningful connection. Her attempts to engage with gas station patrons remain stuck in formalities. We discover her crush on a local police officer and a hint of jealousy towards her conventionally attractive coworker, Sheila.

As the night progresses, Billy enters the gas station, sparking a surprising and engaging conversation with Melinda. However, things take a dark turn when he attempts to rob the place. The consequences of this decision set the stage for a thrilling 90-minute experience.

Melinda, in her quest for excitement and connection, makes unexpected choices. Melinda helps Billy get money from the safe and then asks him to take her with him. When he refuses, this seems to snap Melinda from the quiet wallflower into a woman of action. The film keeps the audience on edge, questioning her choices and loyalty. Trigger warning: attempted rape, as Melinda drugs Billy with off-brand Viagra in an attempt to force a connection.

The jaw-dropping scenes and tension throughout the film had me glued to my seat. Melinda's character development kept me guessing her next move, creating uncertainty about whom to root for. The psychological aspect of understanding Melinda's choices, left open to interpretation, added a layer of intrigue.

Watching Melinda navigate the consequences of her decisions was a highlight. Seeing things unravel minute by minute kept me guessing the film's conclusion. The film's vagueness and audience interpretation enhance the overall experience. In conclusion, I highly recommend "Burn" for its thrilling plot and thought-provoking narrative.

8.5 out of 10 Screams

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