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Tubi Tuesday: Body Keepers 2018 (Spoiler-Free)

Happy Tuesday, Horror Fans! This week, we're delving into "Body Keepers" from 2018. The storyline revolves around a group of unlikely high school friends coping with the disappearance of one of their classmates. The cast features Trevor Lyons as Tanner (known for "Murder At Blackthorne Manor" and "Bad Nanny"), Austin Allwien as Tristan ("Flash Me!"), Chantelle Darlena as Ivy ("The Cylinder" and "Cracks"), Meg Smith as Heather ("Daybreak" and "Silk Road"), Jennifer Cipolla as Brianna ("Double Mommy" and "Coven"), Tony Sedillo as Jack ("Daybreak" and "Better Call Saul"), and Taylor Poyfair as Audrey ("Collider").

 After Audrey goes missing, the rest of the cast are paired up to participate in the Halloween festival. Most of the group fall in different social circles and this is a punishment from one of their teachers for disrupting class. Initially, they are upset about having to work together but after the festival, they all go back to Heather's house to drink and have a good time. Brianna gets too drunk and passes out. Heather also goes to sleep and Tristan leaves after getting a call. This leaves Ivy and Tanner to talk about Audrey's disappearance. The two leave Heather's soon after to go and try to find Audrey. 

This film has some funny lines and some over-the-top acting which takes away from the horror vibes, but does lead for some entertaining watching. The end has a decent twist and you get some solid horror in the last 20 minutes of the film. While it wasn't super scary it did have me engaged enough to laugh at some of the awkward scenes and yell at the TV when the characters did something dumb. It may be fun to watch with friends if you are in the mood for some cheesy horror.

5 out of 10 Screams

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