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Tubi Tuesday: Tell Me How I Die (2016 Spoiler-free)

A woman with a head wound and two men are shown behind a research building, with two people on the ground in front of it.

Happy Tuesday, Horror Fans! And Happy New Year! This week, we delve into Tell Me How I Die, a 2016 horror film centered on college students participating in a research study. The cast includes Nathan Kress as Den Ferguson (known for iCarly), Virginia Gardner as Anna Nichols (featured in Marvel's Runaways and Halloween 2018), Ethan Peck as Pascal (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds), and William Mapother as Dr. Jerrmes (from Lost).

The story kicks off by introducing our main character, Anna, who is seeking a new job. A friend suggests she sign up for drug studies as a participant. At the laboratory, Anna and other participants, including Den, are introduced. Anna and Den grow close, and he quickly becomes interested in her. They discover they'll be held overnight to monitor the effects of a drug designed to enhance memory and potentially aid in curing Alzheimer's. Initially hesitant, Anna decides to go through with it.

The participants find themselves in a spacious room with books and a pool table. As they chat and pass the time, Marcus (Mark Furze) experiences a premonition during a pool match. He's questioned about it for the study but is told not to share it with the others. Kristen (Kirby Bliss Blanton) undergoes a similar experience and is asked to keep it quiet, but she eventually shares it with the group.

As the group prepares for bed, Anna has a disturbing premonition involving poison gas in the women's dorm. Many others start having similar experiences. Anna, overwhelmed, is monitored in a private room after a panic attack. Den, Kristen, and Marcus manage to break out of the building but decide to return to search for Anna.

The plot thickens as the group of four must unite to unravel the mystery of who or what is after them. The movie is psychologically driven, keeping me questioning the reality of events until the very end. Are the drugs responsible for the strange occurrences, or do they serve as warnings about a potential threat to the participants?

Set against the backdrop of a snowstorm, the film offers a chilling watch during the winter season. Just a word of caution: maybe avoid unknown substances; you never know what may be lurking in the dark.

8 out of 10 Screams

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