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COVER REVEAL - Knee Surgery Patients Beware!

"After an injury leaves her with a destroyed knee, Mia finds herself in need of surgery and a new ACL. The surgery is a success, but as she heals and the drug induced post-op phase wears off, Mia realizes that something has gone very, very wrong. CADAVER BONE is a pink horror meditation on the price of lies and how far someone will go to right their wrongs."

~Amazon synopsis

Wendy has this incredible ability to write stories that feel like they apply specifically to me (see my review of IT DOESN'T GO AWAY) and I fear this will be no different. I've had four knee surgeries, still have pictures they took inside my knee during a couple of the surgeries, and this cover will undoubtedly haunt my dreams.

CADAVER BONE will release August 2nd, 2024, but you can pre-order on the 'Zon!

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