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Crossover - Greg Stumbo

Alice in Wonderland just so happens to be one of my obsessions (as proved by the amount of money I've spent on the ink on my arm), and I never in a million years imagined a hybrid Alice in Space. Crossover* absolutely doesn't disappoint. What it does do, is shock, horrify, and amaze!

My favorite take on Alice is Tim Burton's, so even knowing this was a horror novel, Greg blows me away with his take on it. As a fan, it's a blast to pick out the particular pieces I recognize from the original story, when I'm not being distracted by the brutal mayhem taking place on the ship. All hell breaks loose, in the best way possible!

Whereas a lot of sci-fi novels easily utilize the unknown and the environment as elements for establishing the eerie mood, Greg takes that a step further by turning a normally reliable ally (AI technology providing life support) into an unpredictable/unexpected enemy.

Puzzles and riddles are hurled at the crew in the midst of already dangerous maneuvers undertaken for the sake of saving millions of lives on Earth, and you're an innocent bystander waiting to see what will happen to those trapped with no escape. You can't help but pull for all the likeable members of the crew and the mission they're trying to accomplish, while wondering how much will be left standing once the devastation is done.

Greg can be found here:

Twitter: @genzedbook

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