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Dead Close - Mark Robinson

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

All the residents of a small cul-de-sac go missing overnight, including Eve's aunt and uncle. She starts investigating, bringing in friends to assist, including some who are running a podcast related to unsolved mysteries and strange disappearances. Having just started my own podcast, the unique addition of the podcast angle to the plot of Dead Close* is particularly fascinating for me!

Mark does a great job of introducing each household involved in the storyline. Even characters who are present for only a brief period of time are described in great detail, and their relationship dynamics are very clear. It's easy to become invested in some, and easy to dislike the ones that immediately give you bad vibes. Right when you think you've found the heroine of the story, a major twist throws you off balance and you're left looking for solid footing again!

The villain sends chills up your spine when he enters the story, and you can just smell him while reading about him. It isn't clear what's happening to the victims (which absolutely gave me anxiety - but the good kind😂), so you're kept on your toes trying to sort it all out.

The claustrophobia, though very brief in description, definitely lives in my brain rent free now. It's like Mark knew what most of my nightmares contain, since the scenes where someone is trying to stay hidden, or get away without detection, are common themes when it comes to things that scare me.

I look forward to seeing more of this series, and the investigation that has now begun, to solve the mystery laid out in this first installment!

Find Mark here:

Twitter: @the_mark_rob

Instagram: themarkrobwrites

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