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Did Romero Land it with Land of the Dead (2005)?

This week back in 2005, we were given another Zombie flick, written and directed by George A. Romero: The Land of the Dead.

This had several faces you will know including Dennis Hopper, John Leguizamo, Simon Baker (The Mentalist). Oh, and Captain Renard from Grimm! Greg Nicotero is also heading the special effects team, and as a Walking Dead fan, I can certainly tell it's his work, though it's not quite as good yet.

Several years have passed and the dead have taken over. They seem to still be doing simple human things that they did before they died, so they are all dressed up as things like a cheerleader, mechanic, butcher, and oh yes, a clown. A frickin zombie clown! Think I even spotted Tom Savini as a zombie in there briefly. They also seem to be communicating with each other and showing emotion. They even learn how to shoot a gun and swim!

There are some fun kills in this, and they went all out on creativity. There's a bar where you can take pictures with tied up totally know that is something that would actually happen in a real life zombie apocalypse!

I was surprised that I had not actually seen this before, nor is it in my collection!! Overall though, it wasn't the best film, but it was a fun watch.


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