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Effects Vary - Michael Harris Cohen

Just... WOW. I'm so glad that Michael reached out to me about reviewing Effects Vary*, a collection that releases TODAY!

Each story is incredibly different, right down to style. It feels like reading an anthology of crazy stories from a group of fantastic authors! There's an eerie post-apocalyptic tale about trying to decorate for Christmas when the world isn't the same, an interrogation from a killer's point of view (absolutely my favorite story, for the psychological impact/observations), a psychic's worst nightmare, the things we do for the sake of science, and a horrifying description of a little girl's life through her dollhouse.

The psychological horror absolutely hits hard, and makes you question the way you currently view the world. Supernatural horror stories give you pause when considering what might be buried under the desert, or what really happens when someone passes away. Or of course the eco horror - what do you do when the world has been devastated, and you just want to have a Christmas tree for the children who have never even seen a tree?

This collection makes you think. While the horror may not all be blatantly obvious right from the start, by the end of each story, you'll be reeling. This is one you don't want to miss out on!

Where you can find Michael:

Twitter: @fictionknot

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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