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Ezekiel Kincaid - Supernatural, Demonic Scare Pro!

Ezekiel is without a doubt, one hell of a character all on his own! He was a blast to chat with on an episode of The Ghoulish Gallery (link at the bottom) about the occult, paranormal hunts, Bigfoot, and all sorts of other crazy things. He has a very unique background when it comes to the world of horror fans, so I never know what direction each of our conversations will take!

His work covers the whole spectrum from hilarious to bone-chilling, and he's a great source for some good old found footage movie recommendations! Aside from that, Ezekiel's become a great friend, and I look forward to following his writing journey. Go check this dude's work out, and listen to his guest spot on The Ghoulish Gallery!

1. Do you feel like your background gives you a unique perspective on horror?

I do. For me, horror isn't just a genre of books or movies. It is an aspect of human existence. Being a former pastor and now chaplain, I have walked with people through some truly terrifying life events. I have also ministered in prisons, juvenile facilities, and addiction centers. I myself am an addict in recovery as well. Then there are the supernatural aspects of the job. People dealing with oppressive spirits or unintentionally opening the door to something demonic. But it doesn't just have to be evil entities people are dealing with. Sometimes it is benevolent spirits who have a message to send or don't know how to move on. So for me, writing horror is just a fictionalized extension of my real life.

2. What would you say are the top 5 scariest movies you’ve seen?

1. The Exorcist

2. Paranormal Activity

3. Paranormal Activity 3

4. The Last Exorcism

5. Grave Encounters

3. You’re driving down a dark road at night in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly, your car just quits. Is it something supernatural, or aliens, and which would be more terrifying?

Oh it is Aliens for sure. They are by far more terrifying for me. The supernatural, I've got experience in handling. Aliens, not so much. I would go Redneck Rambo on them and probably be locked and loaded the second I saw them, praying that they come in peace.

4. What are the best arguments for the existence of Bigfoot?

This picture I took near my home almost two years ago. My fiancée says it is a puddle but I say it is a Sasquatch footprint (see picture below).

5. It always intrigues me how some horror fans are terrified by true crime but not horror, and true crime fans don’t like horror, but watch real monsters all day long. What are your thoughts on true crime vs. horror?

I think many people separate the two in their mind because they see true crime as having a basis in reality and horror being a fictional genre. In reality the two overlap. Horror does have an aspect of reality to it and true crime has elements of horror. It also comes down to how one defines horror. To some folks, horror is nothing but gratuitous blood, guts, and sex, while to others it just has to do with the supernatural or demonic. I think if there is to be a discussion on this topic a working definition of horror needs to be established. I see horror as anything that upsets, unnerves, or introduces fear into our psyche. In this way I see true crime as an aspect of horror.

6. Is there a particular locale/terrain that’s more eerie to you than others when it comes to movies?

I find the woods and abandoned buildings eerie. I'm a sucker for any book or movie that has these as their setting.

7. As a fellow found footage fan, what is it about this beloved sub-genre that appeals to you?

I think it stems from my mom having filmed me and my brother's entire life growing up. All of our childhood is on home video. This led my brother and I to make some of our own homemade horror movies when we were younger. And yes, they were terrible! I also think found footage helps bring a hint of reality to the movie goer that the normal cinematic experience lacks. Even though you know the found footage movie is fake, the format has a way of messing with your brain and creating an air of realism to the movie.

8. What events would transpire on an ideal night of paranormal research/ghost hunting for you?

First, there would be spirits making the K2 meter go off and ping consistently. Second, there would be some EVP recordings that pick up voices or knocking, etc., anything trying to communicate. The third would be any type of physical manifestation like light orbs or spirits taking shape in photos. Fourth and finally, there would be some type of physical interaction. One example of this would be the time I had a ghost make a light up ball go off over and over for a long period of time during an investigation.

9. Having written such an intense story involving a child overtaken by evil forces (still can’t wait to read the rest), do you find that kids make you nervous?

They terrify me, I’m not going to lie. In many ways, kids make the perfect characters for horror. Their minds are more open and haven't been jaded by life or certain belief systems, which makes them open to paranormal experiences. They are also unassuming. Often times we see children as sweet, innocent, and weak, which automatically gives them the upper hand of surprise. There is also something unnerving about seeing the purity of a child corrupted. To me, this is one of the greatest evils in existence and really hits home with me. I love kids and was a children's pastor at one point during my ministry. Seeing evil befall children still gets to me.

10. What are a few “classic” influences you have in horror (both novels and film)?

As far as books go, the biggest classic influences are The Exorcist and Legion by William Peter Blatty. As far as films go, it would have to be the Evil Dead trilogy and An American Werewolf in London. People will see these influences in my Dreadful Death series, Johnny Walker Ranger, and my werewolf novelette, The Memoir of Darius Fischer.

Look for Ezekial on:

Twitter: @EzekielKincaid

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