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Femina - Caitlin Marceau

Oh look here - a fantastic collection of stories from Caitlin Marceau, capturing all of the positive and negative emotions that surround life as a woman. Queer, straight, young, old, every physical shape, literal, metaphorical, you name it and she's included it in this bunch.

There's the horror of being told you're overreacting when you know something is wrong, especially at a doctor's office.

Or maybe you work in a male-dominated field, with a bunch of misogynistic douchebags who assume you aren't capable of anything beyond pouring a cup of coffee and fetching snacks, before going home to another person who treats you the same way.

Tired of everyone telling you how your body should look, and how you should feel about yourself?

In addition to the stories all so accurately conveying the things that are just a normal, terrifying part of life, Caitlin adds in equally eerie haunted houses, ghosts, creatures, claustrophobic vibes, you name it. There's something for everyone in this collection, and yes I'm biased because I adore Caitlin, but if you've read any of her other work, then you know full well how fantastic her writing is!

Be prepared for boiling rage when you feel the same frustration at being ignored because of your body shape, chills when everything clicks and you realize what's happening to the character, and a bizarre (but also understandable) satisfaction when someone gets what's coming to them.

Where to find Caitlin:

Instagram: CaitlinMarceau Twitter: @CaitlinMarceau Facebook: Caitlin Marceau Website: The Ghoulish Gallery Episode My Review of TIWWTTO

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