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The Devil Went Down to ... Alabama!

“The Amulet”, by Michael McDowell

State: Alabama


“The Amulet" started off slow. Then I was pulled into the story with violence and gore. It is a book of small-town horror in Pine Cone, Alabama. We follow a cursed object, going from one murder to another. The book gets violent and gruesome. Its is extremely straightforward with little to no embellishments. "The Amulet" is horror at its best.

Michael McDowell pulls you into this story of extreme violence, gore and tension from the first 5 pages. The characters are so innocent. when they lose to the Amulet, you can't help but chuckle with how disturbing and gruesome their demise is at times. Everything from a victim being eaten alive by her pet farm animals, a young girl being scalped in the local beauty parlor while getting her hair permed, to death by a Baling machine!! These deaths are all very detailed, gruesomely gory, and very memorable.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Julia Whelan. She did an impressive job bringing this book to life with a southern drawl. The audiobook had my attention from the beginning to the end.

Alabama Recommendations:

“Gone To See The Riverman” by Kristopher Triana

“Blackwater: The Complete Saga” by Michael McDowell”

“Kin” by Kealan Patrick Burke

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