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Gaza Charity Story - WHERE THE WATERMELONS GROW by Dave Musson

Indie author hoping to raise money for Palestine with a new story

An indie horror author has published a new story to help raise money to help feed and support displaced families in Gaza.

Dave Musson (he/him), from Warwickshire in the UK, felt compelled to write and release something after having spent months watching the devastation caused to thousands of Palestinians by Israeli forces over the last nine months. Almost 50,000 civilians - including more than 15,000 children - have been killed, while thousands more have lost their homes and are now facing famine.

The 38-year-old horror writer has penned a story called Where the Watermelons Grow, which is now available on Kindle and as a paperback.

All money raised from the story will be donated to Watermelon Relief, a group of aid workers on the ground in Gaza who are providing meals, and humanitarian support to thousands of Palestinians.

Dave said: “Every single day I am completely devastated seeing what is happening in Gaza. There is no defence for what is happening to Palestinians - they are being starved, injured, tortured and killed at a terrifying speed and it makes me incredibly angry and heartbroken. I wanted to do something to try and help, and so decided to use the small platform I have as a writer to do that.”

Where the Watermelons Grow is a short horror story about oppression, genocide, and revenge that very much reflects what is happening in Palestine right now. Set in a fictional small village in a fictional country where settlers have, for decades, done what they can to decimate the indigenous population, one terrible act sparks a new wave of violence more devastating than anything that has happened before. As the invading forces draw closer, this small village has to fight to survive.

Dave continued: “In many ways, this is a story I wish I hadn’t written. While I’m proud of the finished piece and think it will appeal to fans of horror fiction anywhere, I’d much rather not have witnessed the atrocities that have affected and influenced this story and that continue to take place today. Never in my darkest nightmares would I have imagined seeing footage of decapitated babies, or children whose skin has burnt to a crisp, or the desperation of other humans having their entire world ripped to shreds…and yet, that sort of thing has now become the norm every time I open my phone and go online.

“I hope people are able to pick up the story and donate to such a wonderful charity, and I hope they enjoy reading what I’ve written. But, most of all, I hope the international community will stop looking the other way and instead quickly take the action needed to stop Israel’s brutal assault on the Palestinian people.”

Where the Watermelons Grow, by Dave Musson, is available now on Kindle and in Paperback via

Dave can be found on:

IG: @davemusson

Twitter: @davemusson

Dave with a copy of his story, WHERE THE WATERMELONS GROW.

Thank you to Dave for reaching out to us to help spread the word on his charity project!

💜 Tasha

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This is wonderful! Just purchased a copy!!!

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