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Guest Editor Announcement from Infested Publishing!

"We'd like to introduce our guest editor for our Too Bad You Died anthology. Please clap for the man, the myth, the cryptid, Damien Casey. Those familiar with Damien will know how supportive he is within the community and those who don't soon will do. Damien is a horror/comedy writer who bends the bizarro genre to his excitable will. With titles such as Pup, 51, Coffin Dodger, Red Ice, 28 Days Sassier, and many more, Damien has proven time and again the importance of finding a unique voice. You can find him on the following socials:

X - @dcuglybooks

Instagram - damienthulhu

Statement from EIC Adam Hulse:

I couldn't think of anyone better suited to be involved in our first anthology than Damien. He embraces the same D.I.Y ethos Infested Publishing does, and our values align perfectly. Damien was responsible for editing and formatting my last three releases, so I know what he brings to the table. Most of all, both Laura and I are confident that Damien will help to elevate the voices we'll be working with in this anthology.


Happy Pride Month everyone!

Thank you so much to Infested Publishing for letting The Sinister Scoop be a part of this exciting journey! We're thrilled to be able to help spread the word, and fully support our indie presses 💜 (Especially ones represented by cute, furry critters.)


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