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Hell Hath No Sorrow like a Woman Haunted - RJ Joseph

I was so thrilled to get an early look at Hell Hath No Sorrow like a Woman Haunted*, by RJ Joseph. She's such a great writer, so much fun to talk to, and she has absolutely hit the nail on the head with this collection!

At a time when women's rights and health are in such a dangerous place, the monsters in this collection (both human and supernatural), are especially terrifying. Time and time again, RJ finds new and eerie ways to show how women find themselves on the receiving end of violence simply because of their gender, race, and/or sexuality. The most fundamental parts of their identities paint large, neon targets on their backs, and it becomes the eternal struggle of fight or flight.

Luckily for her characters, RJ clearly excels at writing beautiful, badass women who dig deep to find what it takes to beat the odds. One of my favorite stories is I Will Only Love You Better After Death, specifically for that reason. Ru uses every tool in her arsenal to ensure that she and her love will truly be together forever, and brutally takes her sweet, sweet revenge in the process!

I strongly feel that a large part of why her horror is so effective, is that even the supernatural stories have so many basic human emotions, faults, and struggles so deeply entwined in their DNA. Not just feelings we can relate to, but the most organic, primitive sensations and survival instincts that still exist somewhere in all of us. These elements bring even the most ghostly and monstrous of creations a level of realism that sends chills down your spine.

Long story short... everyone needs to give this collection a read! As a woman, it stoked the internal flames already burning. My heart bled for these characters and the suffering so many were born into, and made me desperate for every form justice and fairness that has never existed in this world.

Go pre-order your copy on Amazon* now!

RJ can be found here:

Twitter: rjacksonjoseph

Instagram: rjacksonjoseph

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