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How Lovely to Be a Woman - Tiffany Michelle Brown

This is another prime example of a collection with a cover that reaches out and bites you, leaving no question of what impact reading what's contained will have on you.

I loved the mix of work Tiffany chooses to showcase here. Her poetry scattered in between stories is refreshing and fun, and kept me on my toes. She perfectly captures so many of the feelings we experience as part of "normal" life for women that may not strike men the same way (based entirely on discussions I've had with male friends, not a blanket statement).

There's the horrible feeling that settles into your stomach when you're headed to your car after dark and hear noises that seem so much more menacing in the night. Special thanks to my great-grandma, who meant well but terrified me by always reminding me to check under my car and in my backseat before getting in and driving anywhere. Sometimes, everything sounds like it could be a footstep, or heavy breathing, or someone rustling through leaves as they pursue.

On the opposite end of that, is the incredible strength you feel once you take charge and make damn sure your voice is heard. Refusing to "mind your manners" or "be polite", and instead, pushing through to gain equal footing, is so liberating.

To top everything off, a little icing on the cake, Tiffany even made a Spotify playlist that you can find here.

Keep up with Tiffany:

Twitter: @tiffebrown

Instagram: @tmok85

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