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Killer Be Killed - William Sterling

Did you ever go to summer camp? Do you love bonfires? Do you enjoy reading gruesome horror that will literally make you flinch as you read, thinking about how painful the character deaths are?

Well, guess what! Killer Be Killed* by William Sterling will be right up your alley.

William successfully takes what is typically a fond childhood memory, and turns it into a waking nightmare. His description of locations could very well have been the camp I went to as a kid, adding extra to the level of spookiness! I cherish all the memories of my experiences there, however young Athena finds herself in a very different situation. What should be an opportunity to make new friends, participate in challenges putting their teamwork to the test, and wrap up the week with a car ride home covered in bumps, scratches, and ear-to-ear smiles, instead becomes an unimaginable fight for survival. A week of fun suddenly involves possession, dismemberment, impalement, bisection, and just about every weapon you can imagine.

It also happens to be everything her father, Boone, feared. Since his wife's death during a home invasion, the firefighter has done everything he can to prepare Athena for possible life-threatening scenarios she might find herself in -- but who could ever guess that teenage counselors would try to perform the ritual sacrifice needed to raise a bloodthirsty old god they've been worshipping?!

The characters, both good and evil, grab your attention and maintain it throughout the story. Whether you like them or not, it's easy to become invested. All of the people are incredibly committed to whatever their goal may be, and perform acts they never imagined they would, to get there.

Atmosphere is a also huge player in this game. A lot of people have been to some sort of lakeside camp, so it's easy to picture the view. Cabins and other smaller buildings are clustered in a clearing surrounded by dense forest, a huge fire pit is just waiting for marshmallows, and a glittering lake is usually so peaceful at night. Now instead of being a serene getaway, it quickly becomes a hellish landscape that sticks with you.

The noises in the woods really might be something to worry about this time...

Go give William a follow, and read his work!

Twitter: @spooky_sterling

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