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Kyra Torres - Bright, Bubbly, Blood-Curdling Badass

Kyra (think Kee, not Ki) is one of the coolest ladies I've had the pleasure of getting to know, and am lucky enough to call a dear friend! I reviewed her short story Tasteless* (find that Evil Eval here), and it made my skin crawl as it was - then I was unfortunate enough to catch COVID myself, and alllllll I could think about was her story!

She's a wonderful, well-rounded human, running a podcast called Bubble Bath with Baph with fellow horror writer Damien Casey. He was also a victim of Ask an Author, and I covered his most recent release, In the Palm of the Left Hand Black. They have great, super entertaining conversations with other horror writers, where they talk about everything except writing! They also have an upcoming anthology called A 3-B Halloween that I'm very much looking forward to reviewing soon.

She's a blast to chat with, incredibly supportive, and I'm thrilled to have her in my circle. Go find and follow her, and get your hands on everything she's written!

1. I’ve already asked Damien, so now it’s time for your side – tell me all about Bubble Bath with Baph, why you started it, and how it’s going so far!

Bubble Bath with Baph is a podcast that’s about anything but writing and books. We want authors, creators, friends, anyone to come on and talk to us about your favorite movie. Or what’s the worst thing you could put on a hotdog and why is it relish? BBWB is an idea that came from writing Hot Pink Satanism, which is where the Baph - Baphomet - part comes from. It just felt like the next step to take as friends and co-authors. It’s going really well so far, and we’ve been having a lot of fun!

2. What has been the most fun part of running a podcast?

Definitely all of the laughter and getting to spend time with our friends! It’s been exciting to see where the conversations go and to hear voices instead of reading text. Every time we have a new guest I’m like, “where is this going to lead?” And two hours later we’re having to force ourselves to wrap it up because we can’t stop talking.

3. What do you think will be the cause of the apocalypse? I’m putting my money on some rogue government virus, since The Stand is my favorite novel.

This is a good question and a difficult one! I’d like to have a really cool answer like yours, or maybe a zombie invasion, but the ex-Christian in me still very much believes in the possibility of the rapture and everything that comes from that. If it turns out to be true, (or any version) I hope I’m long dead by then!

4. If you could take a vacation centered around horror (landmarks, festivals, etc.), what places would you visit?

Again, a good question! I’d like to tour haunted castles in England and learn more about their history. I don’t have a specific one in mind, just all of them! I don’t really believe in ghosts because I’ve never had my own experience, but I’m totally opening myself up to some Victorian era ghost at a haunted castle one day!

5. Do you have a particular source of inspiration, or do you find it in completely random places?

I tend to take inspiration from my everyday life. A lot of my stories involve real things that have either happened to me or someone else l know, or they are loosely inspired by real events. I really like to take inspiration from my surroundings and see what I can create out of something so simple, like pigs or a burned down house.

6. Is there anything that grosses you out so much that it actually affects you while you read?

Body horror! I will be physically uncomfortable and squirming all around while reading it, but I like to push the limits on what I can handle and that’s made for some interesting reads. I definitely want to explore more of that sub-genre, even if I’m grossed out the entire time!

7. What monster (from a movie or book) has a bad reputation that you don’t think they deserve?

Vampires! They’re just hungry! Wendigo’s too, just another hungry monster who’s misunderstood.

8. Does your kiddo enjoy horror as much as you do?

Occasionally. She’s a fan, but it’s not her first choice when it comes to TV or movies. She’s more likely to sit with me while I’m already watching something, but I encourage her to experience the same kind of movies and shows I love because I think horror is something that should be appreciated.

9. Was there someone who introduced you to the wide, wide world of horror, or did you stumble onto it yourself?

That would be my dad. He’s always been a horror fan and from very early on in my childhood he let us watch horror movies and taught us it was nothing to be afraid of. I was hooked from the beginning and I’ll always have a soft spot for the genre.

10. What is your favorite part of the horror community?

Definitely the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made along the way. I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with a group of friends who have been a positive, supportive, and all around badass group of people who I’m thankful for!

Go find and follow Kyra here:

Instagram: midnightbooks_andcoffee

Twitter: @kyrarenewrites

TikTok: kyrartorres

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