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Livestock: Horror Stories from the Un-Herd

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Well, as most of you already know, this will be the most biased book review in existence.

Angel from Voices from the Mausoleum and I have poured our hearts and souls into this charity anthology, along with every woman who took the time to write a story they weren't going to get paid for, for the sake of the fight. All proceeds are going to the Center for Reproductive Rights, and every single penny we raise is incredibly appreciated.

While editing the stories for the anthology, I had to stop and take breaks. These stories were so infuriating, nightmarish, and shockingly possible, that emotionally it was incredibly difficult work. Every story I read, I pictured myself, my female friends, my little sister, my friends' daughters, and every other woman I know, trapped in that sort of situation.

Forced to give birth against our wills and despite danger to our own health. Attacks on us, being painted as self-harm that could get us incarcerated. Something as emotionally devastating as a miscarriage, combined with the terror that we could be convicted of a crime that didn't exist. Women who just shouldn't be mothers, put in a position they shouldn't be - because not everyone wants to be a mother, and that's okay.

The "Un-Herd" is for every woman who refuses to be relegated to the duty of reproduction, like livestock. It's for every woman who feels like her voice gets lost in the void. It's for every woman who feels like no one else gives a shit, because we do. None of us are alone, and we will not be herded into complacency.

Livestock can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


**To the authors - if you have any other social you want linked, or a website, please let me know!**

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Cat Voleur

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Ruth Anna Evans

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Sabrina Voerman

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Stephanie Parent

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Melinda Brunson

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