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Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger - KC Grifant

Hot. Damn. Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger is my first adventure into the wild west, and it most definitely won't be my last. I've been absolutely riveted to the story KC weaved, and adored everything about it. Imagine Supernatural's hunting (best TV show ever and I'll die on that hill) combined with the most badass female lead you can imagine, amazing supporting characters, nail-biting suspense, great action, and the grunge and grit you expect in a Western.

Melinda and Lance are an elite team of monster hunters preparing to retire after a successful career and being in high demand. Unfortunately for them, their paths take a wildly different course than the ranching life they've had planned. Rather than comfy and cozy in a new home, they find themselves frantically hitting the road in an effort to save their dear mentor and family friend, Abel.

They run into all kinds of characters along the way, both helpful and otherwise, all incredibly well-developed. You fall deeply in love with the ones you should, and loathe any who stand in their way. The creatures are all hideously creative, the settings are painted so beautifully that it's easy to imagine them hanging on a wall in an art museum, and the whole book just flows so naturally.

If a whirlwind adventure, fantastic and relatable characters, enough monsters to fill a textbook, and the thrill of the untamed west is something that piques your interest (and even if it isn't), I absolutely recommend you get yourself a copy!

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