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No One Can Help You - Ruth Anna Evans

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The first work I read from Ruth Anna was her story, What Did Not Die (which you should also go read), so when I saw she was looking for a beta reader for a story, I was quick to volunteer!

The stories contained in No One Can Help You are designed to twist your everyday fears into extreme situations you won't readily forget.

Has a doctor ever treated you like you were overreacting, when you knew something was wrong? Do you get nervous when a loved one leaves on a simple errand and takes way too long to come back home? Have you ever had to sort out the reasoning behind someone's strange actions after they've developed dementia? Does it make you uncomfortable to be in an incredibly crowded public space?

Even if a particular story doesn’t specifically poke one of your fears to make sure it's wide awake, there’s no denying the very real themes twisted into all of them, and the messages buried within. The reality of these stories means they will all have an impact on you in one way or another.

Given that some of her themes are so haunting, Ruth Anna conveniently provides trigger warnings in her story list at the beginning for easy checking! Regardless of the content, you can rest assured that you'll walk away from any of her books mourning a personal loss, because she will brilliantly massacre your emotions in all sorts of ways.

Long story short, if you love hard-hitting emotional horror, go give her a read! They can all be found on Amazon (find No One Can Help You here - as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) and through her socials:

Twitter: @AuthorRAEvans

Facebook: Author Ruth Anna Evans

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