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Odious Ghouls - Tom Rimer

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Happy Belated Release Day to Tom Rimer and his newest creation, Odious Ghouls! This book is packed full of gross monsters, decaying flesh, and nasty liquids I can't even fathom the smell of.🤢 Just to prepare you for what you'll find, I had to save my favorite line: "Her head, now completely bald, wiggled as squirmed as she'd donned a macabre crown of leeches and grubs." Ew. So much ew.

Tom does a great job of setting up the personalities for the characters, and it doesn't take long to sort out who you're rooting for in the story. I was shocked as I was reading through, because as soon as I realized sh!t hits the fan, I glanced up at the page number and it was EARLY. Well guess what... hitting the fan that early means a lot more monsters, and a lot more destruction.

As a huge found footage fan, I love how he was able to translate that into a book. The story gets so intense, you forget there are even cameras involved. The questions that normally plague us, like "Why are they still holding a damn camera?!" don't even apply! It's a win-win: character introductions without the awkwardness that is rather prevalent in found footage, you have a front seat to the action, fantastic mental images of all the monsters, and all the dread and cringing that go along with this kind of plot. Learning about Tabitha and her film crew's return to where she grew up is absolutely fascinating, and hooks you as the history of the family unravels.

If you're looking for a unique take on old family legends, found footage style, and saving the world from the gates of Hell as motivation to keep pushing and survive, then this fast-paced tale will be right up your alley!

Find Tom here:

Twitter: @RimerTom

Instagram: @Bookishrimer

And check out his series with Voices From the Mausoleum on Youtube!

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