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Open Call: The Chalice

Tarot Series: The Chalice

Open call for our Tarot Inspired Anthology Series! This particular call is for the CHALICE or CUP.

Submission Window:

March 1-31st


2000 - 7000 FIRM UPPER LIMIT


$.01 (one cent) Canadian per word after approved edits



Although this anthology does represent the tarot suits, it does not mean your story has to contain the tarot element to be considered. Use the overriding 'theme' to weave your story. The Chalice is a symbol in many religions and legends, using this as a symbol is another way to play with the theme.

Tarot definition of Chalice - The Suit of Cups Tarot cards deal with the emotional level of consciousness and are associated with love, feelings, relationships and connections.

The Suit of Cups is associated with the element of water. Water is fluid, agile and ‘in flow' but it's also very powerful and formative. It can be soft and gentle, like waves lapping against the sandy shore, or it can be powerful and even forceful, like a raging river.

The element of water is symbolic of fluidity, feelings and emotions, intuition, relationships, healing, and cleansing. It is a feminine element and reflects the subtle power that often resides within women. It is receptive, adaptable, purifying and flowing.

In a deck of playing cards, Cups corresponds to Hearts.


  • Erotica (some sex is fine, just not all of it)

  • Rape

  • Animal abuse (kill the dog, but don't f* it)




EXTRA INFORMATION: Although there can be some fantasy elements tossed in there, the overall feel of the stories must remain in the horror genre. Aim to scare.

Each part will be approximately 60,000 words and have its own ebook and paperback. Once all four sections are complete we will release a 'collection' containing all four books in ebook, paperback and hardcover form.


  • Please use 12 pt Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, set auto-indent new paragraphs.

  • Add the story title to the top of the manuscript.

  • Do not include your name or email in the manuscript. These stories will be read "blind" by our reading team.

  • Title your manuscript "Title of Story - Theme" example "Empty Hearts - Chalice"

  • Please make sure the title of the story and the title on the manuscript match.


  • Attach as .doc or .docx

  • Submit via form

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