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Podcasters and Booktubers Wanted

We need your help!

In our efforts to become a hub of resources for the writers out there, we would like to add a list of podcasts and Youtube channels who enjoy interviewing/ recording with authors to help get the word out there about their work.

If this is potentially something you would be interested in, please note: it will be made very clear that your show being on this list is NOT a guarantee for an appearance. We know everyone has different tastes when it comes to writing, and of course the best recommendations will come when it's work you enjoy! This is just one more way we would like to help the community boost each other!

To be added to this list, just send us a quick message at with the following info:

  • Links for where interested authors can find your show

  • The best way for them to contact you

  • If there's a certain type of material you prefer to cover (underrepresented voices, etc.) or any themes you want to avoid

  • Any other miscellaneous info you feel a potential guest should know!

Spread the word if you know any shows that would be interested, and let's all help each other out! <3

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