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Redemption - Worthy Chaos

And now for something completely different! (You're welcome, to all the Monty Python fans out there). We certainly don't want to limit ourselves here at The Scoop, so I jumped at the opportunity when Worthy Chaos sent me the first three issues of their Redemption series. I am FAR from being an expert on this form of media, so keep that in mind.

The first issue starts off with a bang! Who doesn't love a psychopath chucking severed heads at people? Teen Seraphina manages to escape from the murderer of her parents, but relives it night after night in her dreams, for years.

The storyline hooked me right away, and the graphics (particularly the murder scene) were brilliant. You learn just enough about the characters to be drawn in, wanting more of an explanation of who these people are, and how these monsters they're fighting, came to be.

Sera and Draven, her long lost love interest, have been reunited and are now looking for clues as to what's going on around them.

This issue is a great reminder that while libraries are beloved places for bookworms, they're also spectacularly eerie settings when used correctly. If a creepy, giant, mummified-looking Anubis suddenly made an appearance while I was at the library, I'm pretty sure I'd hand in my card and quickly vacate the premises permanently. Such a great monster!

I'm not going to give you any more about the storyline because you need to check these out for yourselves, but there were plenty more bizarre monsters making appearances!

The continued developments between Sera and Draven have me feeling very invested in their characters and the relationship they have yet to admit is there.

The Kickstarter for issue 4 is now live! Click here to go support this series.

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