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Roseville - Keyngdom Comics

Don't mind me, diving into unfamiliar territory again! Jeofrey Cotton and artist Aaron Moran put together a fascinating first issue of Roseville, and I look forward to reading the rest as they come out!

Jeofrey described the series as a mix of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of 1000 Corpses, and I definitely picked up those vibes from the start. The opening sequence includes the hapless victim and his fate, introduces us to the unique style of Aaron's art, gives us a taste (no pun intended... or is it?) of the blood and guts just ahead, and hints at who some of the important players will be.

The art is difficult to describe: it's an eerie mix of realistic and dream-like, and feels very unsettling from the get-go. The viscera is cringy (in that weird, horror compliment way), and though the creatures appear to be the things nightmares are made of, I'm so excited to see more of them and what they're capable of! Lanky, with unnatural joints and deformed faces, you just know that there would be little to deter them once they were hot on your trail, and they'd possess a speed similar to 28 Days Later zombies rather than the bumbling Shaun of the Dead zombies.

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