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starlet: unhinged youth obsessed hollywood carnage

Updated: Jun 2

a young woman who has been more or less unsuccessfully attempting to Follow Her Dreams and make it big in hollywood thinks her luck might be about to change when she meets a superfamous movie star at a coffee shop, and, after weeks of truly bewildering and revolting sexting between the two, he invites her to his home. she assumes she's there so they can bang it out, but instead finds herself attending a dinner party that begins as generally uncomfortable and swiftly becomes supremely fucked up.

i had a swell time with this! it was totally bonkers, there was tons of very fun violence, it was gross and hilarious, the characters were all delightfully awful, nonstop high stakes action once shit starts to go down. hell yeah babeyy.

def recommend - 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

🎬starlet will be available via ghoulish books on august 27🎬

[for transparency: i work for ghoulish, so while my thoughts about this book are genuine, feel free to disregard my review if that connection makes you uncomfortable!]

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