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Stuck Together with You - Dan Scamell & VD Mercer

I just can't even with this book!😂 As an avid fan of The Golden Girls, and borderline worshipping Betty White for years, this concept made me laugh so hard. While I absolutely would have loved to see them stick around longer than they did, I don't know that I would have approved of the methods used by Rhonda to do just that. She and Connie are the only two surviving cast members from the show Stuck Together with You, but Rhonda is faring much better than Connie.

Rhonda pays a visit to Connie in the nursing home immediately prior to Connie undergoing an experimental surgery, and memories start bubbling to the surface. With some unlikely help, it's up to Connie to try and put a stop to Rhonda and her weird, angry sidekick before it's too late. When I say hijinks ensue, I mean some crazy ones, steamy ones, and sometimes really gross ones, that keep you entertained from start to finish.

This story was an absolute riot, and a must-read for any horror fan who loves The Golden Girls. The formatting is fun, and brings some nostalgia for those of us who actually remember what a TV Guide looked like! (<--- Something I never imagined I'd say in my entire life. Excuse me while I go cry and try not to break a hip, or get tangled in my Life Alert necklace.)

Where to find Dan:

Instagram: dvsfiction

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