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Tali's Horror Road Trip: Alaska

A tablet with the cover for White by Ronald Malfi, posed with other books he's written and skeletal hands

“Bone White”, by Ronald Malfi

State: Alaska


Umm… WOW! “Bone White” has been sitting on my Shelf for way too long. This Horror Road Trip was the perfect opportunity to read it. The author sucked me into the story from the very beginning with atmosphere and characters. I am a fan of Malfi’s writing and “Bone White” did not disappoint.

“Bone White” is set in cold desolate Alaska in a remote mining town called Dread’s Head, surrounded by woods. This town is so small that it does not even appear on the map. Rumors are that whispers come from the woods. Weird kids with fur masks pop up. There are crosses everywhere. Not a place most people would want to visit. (I am not like most people. When can we go there? lol)

There was this understated horror. When the town is introduced, the author creates a feeling of unease and maintains it throughout. It is one of my favorite things about Malfi. There is no “in your face” horror but the feeling is still created with the descriptions and imagery. Aside from the well thought out setting, Malfi fleshed out the characters without sacrificing pacing. Paul Gallo’s twin brother Danny was last seen outside of this remote town and has not been heard from since. When a killer admits to murdering and burying 8 people, Gallo sets out to find out if his brother was a victim. Gallo’s drive for answers and his love for his missing brother really drives the story.

“Bone White” is a slow burn horror thriller. It is a creepy atmospheric horror story with a cast of superstitious people. Just a great story. Highly recommend it. January is the perfect time to curl up with this chilling tale.

Additional books set in Alaska:

Bishop” by Candace Nola (previously reviewed by Tasha! Click the link to read that one)

“Autumn Bleeds into Winter” by Jeff Strand

“Swift to Chase” by Laird Baron

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