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With A Blighted Touch - J. Todd Kingrea

A full moon hangs above the clouds and mountains, all tinted beautiful shades of blue

Trigger warnings: suicidal ideation, kidnapping, bullying, past domestic abuse, past incest, substance abuse

There's something eerie that settles a little deeper into your bones when reading a story filled with names of places you recognize, and then you reach the description of a ghastly creature living in the depths of the earth in those same places.

Kit has lived a life full of self-sabotage, not reaching the potential he's capable of as a talented guitarist. After his mother passes and he returns to his hometown, Black Rock, TN, horrible things he'd suppressed long ago bubble back to the surface and come to a head. The biggest question is, how can he minimize the damage while trying to take on a threat much bigger than himself?

While I'm usually not a huge fan of skipping back and forth in timelines, Kingrea does so flawlessly. The pieces provided in each segment click neatly into place, gradually completing the larger, horrific puzzle of murder, abuse, and past incest that goes back generations.

The "final showdown" is phenomenal. Visualizing the behemoth responsible for the sickness infecting Black Rock in so many ways, made me feel a bit squeamish. Kingrea created a damp, disgusting stage for good versus an evil older than we can imagine!

Where to find J. Todd Kingrea:

Facebook: JToddKingrea

Instagram: @JToddKingrea

Twitter/X: @JToddKingrea

TikTok: authorjtoddkingrea

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