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Tali's Horror Road Trip: Washington

"Snow Shark" by Brian G. Berry

State: Washington


“Snow Shark” is about a government experiment gone wrong. Alex and his family had planned a family ski vacation. They were expecting a fun relaxing time until a shark is accidentally dropped in the snow. YES…a shark. Anything is possible in slasher books.

The setting for “Snow Shark” was everything. I enjoy atmospheric books and Berry taps into this with such highly vivid descriptions that put you in the cold frigid snow and the elegantly-decorated ski lodge.

Berry’s style of writing is what I prefer to read. Chapters were prefaced in the beginning with locations to help organize the story and altered between characters and settings flawlessly without the sense of confusion. He wastes no time building a story; the book opens with action and gore and keeps the momentum constant for the entire book. He spends no time prepping you on character development either. The dialogue educates the reader as to each character’s personality without too much narrative, and even the punctuation changes with each person’s style.

The action scenes are brutal. The shark left a trail of blood and carnage as it attacked its victims. “Snow Shark” is a great winter story.  Now is the perfect time to read it.


Additional books set in Washington:

“The Stranger Beside Me: Ted Bundy: The Shocking True Story”, by Ann Rule

“The Good House”, by Tananarive Due

“Within These Walls”, by Ania Ahlborn

“They Lurk”, Ronald Malfi

‘They Drown Our Daughters”, Katrina Monroe

“The House on Needless Street”, Catriona Ward


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