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Tasteless - Kyra R. Torres

The last couple of years have brought changes we could have never imagined, and in Tasteless*, Kyra takes something that's already been scary for a lot of people and constructs something entirely different.

With this short story, she paints a picture we're all familiar with: shut away at home, the dreaded toilet paper shortages, and anxiety when symptoms developed - especially since it seemed like everything was a symptom that first year! Whether it was your stomach, your head, chest congestion, or a twitchy eye, it wasn't long until you were headed off to get tested. That miserable brain poke.

Best case scenario, a few seconds of discomfort is followed by the relief of hearing your test was negative. If it's worst case, then you find out the test is positive. Or... is there something even more terrifying than that just waiting to be discovered?

Kyra is all over the place! Go find her and follow:

Instagram: midnightbooks_andcoffee

Twitter: _midnightreads

TikTok: kyrartorres


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