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The Art of Ghostwriting - Alistair Rey

Alistair's collection of stories is an incredibly cerebral, dark adventure that leaves you contemplating every shadowy corner in your house. His stories have a very scientific/intellectual feel, and this approach makes each tale feel like you're reading a journal of mysterious happenings rather than a fictional collection. While we don't develop close, personal relationships with our main characters, that contributes to the analytical vibe that runs throughout the book!

With goals like finding the perfect glass of red wine (with the assistance of a deceased acquaintance), discovering the possibilities of screams transcending time and space, exploring the paths less traveled in foreign countries (inadvertently finding out why they're less traveled), and solving the mysteries associated with a rental property, Alistair balances the full-blown paranormal with the seemingly ordinary.

These stories will make you think - there's no doubt about that! This isn't a casual read - prepare yourself, grab a nice warm mug of your favorite beverage, and get cozy on a rainy day, because you'll be glued to your seat for quite some time. You'll even walk away knowing some new things once you're done!

Alistair can be found here:

Instagram: alistair_rey

Thank you to our friends over at Dark Owl Publishing!!

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