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The Broken Places - Blaine Daigle

Updated: May 23, 2023

Rayne and his friends, Shawn and Noah, visit the hunting lodge that Rayne inherited from his family. The author set the cabin in the middle of the Yukon woods. As a child, he would go there with his dad and uncle and experience strange things.

"The Broken Places", by Blaine Daigle, occurs in the dead of winter over a three-night period. It starts off as a slow burn, but tension builds around the 40% mark. The novel is atmospheric. Daigle uses vivid descriptions to create an ominous feeling towards the cabin, woods, and the surrounding areas. I did not mind the gradual build because I got lost in the woods and snowstorm.🥰 The author creates a feel of isolation and dread with both strange events: howling winds and cold heavy snowstorm.

Aside from a well-developed environment, the characters are fleshed out. Their thoughts and feelings pop off the page. The author wove their backstories and personal struggles without information dumping. These friends are broken, and so is the setting.

The title, "The Broken Places", is the perfect title for this debut novel by Blaine Daigle. If you are looking for a supernatural story with some horror in a cold setting, this is the book for you!

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