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The Dawning - Ezekiel Kincaid

Whether it's a movie or a book, I will forever stand by my belief that kids are terrifying. Theo in The Dawning* is a perfect example! While her appearance is the very picture of innocence, no one is aware of what really hides behind her bright eyes and precious smile.

The prologue could be a short horror story all on its own, and absolutely leaves you wondering what you're getting yourself into. The Dawning is definitely a slow burn novel, but the imagery is absolutely phenomenal. The pictures Ezekiel paints are so real, you aren't distracted by trying to sort out what Theo's demons are like. You can feel the slimy tentacles slithering across your skin, the bristly fur, and the sharp nails. The deep, gravelly voices send chills down your spine. It's almost a movie experience in book form!

Anyone who has been around children knows that it's tough to tell what gears are turning in their minds. Their imaginations are so uninhibited by life experience and hardships, that it's no surprise they're such a mystery. Even so, no one could have ever guessed that the sweet, loving Theodosia was hiding secrets of such magnitude. As she gives in to the darkness that exists deep down in her core, you can't help but wonder what will become of her, and who will be the innocent bystanders when she inevitably combusts.

This is a great religious horror, showing the gradual downfall of the perfect family, with the perfect children. It's a great example of why those theoretical books we always hear about, should never be judged by their covers! Underneath that smooth, flawless exterior, there could be an evil rot slowly bubbling up to the surface, just waiting for the best time to act.

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