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The Gathering - Ezekiel Kincaid

Well, here we go again. Except this time, it isn't one terrifying child, now she's preparing her own creepy child following. Picking up where The Dawning left off (my review for that is here, so stop if you haven't read that one yet), Theodosia is continuing to expand on her new abilities. After losing her temper with her mother though, these abilities are no longer a secret and call the mental state of the entire household into question.

As dark as the first installment was, Ezekiel pushes it to a whole new level with The Gathering. The demonic visions suffered by the family escalate to a horrifying pitch as Sarah, the mother, has experiences surpassing her worst nightmares. What do you do when you're convinced your own child has become something evil?

We see the same phenomenal character development as the ones we already know, grow, and the ones we start exploring more in depth, join the crowd. There are more gruesome monsters trying to merge into Theodosia's world, kept at bay by her equally terrifying guardians. We also get to dive deeper into the lore that will hopefully lead us to some answers as to who these demonic critters are, and how Theodosia fits into the scheme that's so much bigger than herself.

As issues worsen and anticipation builds, you're left wondering exactly how bad things will get, before (if) they get better.

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