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The Golden Scoops Nominations

Updated: May 20

A notification that nominations will be opening soon for the Golden Scoops Award Show

UPDATE: OPEN NOW!!! Click here to enter your choices!

Nominations will be opening soon for the inaugural Golden Scoops Award Show! We wanted to let you know what the categories are so you have time to prepare, and also what the guidelines are. Please read the guidelines, just like you would for a submission. And stick around to the end, to see what winners will receive! Nominations will open on May 20th, and close May 27th at midnight EST. After that, the actual VOTING will be open for two weeks! All winners will be announced during a YouTube livestream on Saturday, June 22nd.

  • All content nominated must have been released between May 15th, 2023 and May 15th, 2024.

  • You can NOT nominate yourself or your own work. This is about celebrating the awesome people in the community, so let's focus on lifting each other up!

  • Please just nominate one work per category initially - we may open it up to more later on.

And heeeeeere are the categories!! For all nominations, give us the name of the book and the author. For anthologies, let us know whose project it was.

  • Best Anthology (that isn't a charity project)

  • Greatest Single-Author Collection

  • Awesomest Novella

  • Favorite Charity Anthology

  • Most Bestest LGBTQ Release

  • Coolest of POC Releases

  • Most Supreme of Novels

  • Favorite Horror Adjacent Work (works promoted by the author as dark romance or fantasy, thriller, etc. with horror elements)

  • Badass-iest Cover Art (give us the name of the book, the author, and the artist)

  • Funniest Promotional Campaign

  • Author to Keep an Eye On (regardless of when they debuted, who do you think has really been on fire and has great things coming down the line?)

  • Book in the Freezer (so scary you need to contain the terror)

  • Silliest Horror (in the best way)

  • Best YA Work (because we need to nurture the next generation of horror lovers)

  • I Just Threw Up in My Mouth a Little (most gruesome/extreme)

Now for the awards! Clearly the most important part. Each winner will receive a hand-made golden scoop, which will quickly become the most prestigious award in the history of awards of all time. A first edition, no less. You will also receive a Scoop pin, a Scoop sticker, and an interview!

If you are an author or a press with stickers, bookmarks, wristbands, femur bones with your logo carved into them, or any other fun little merch you'd like to donate to the winner packages, message us @thesinisterscoop on Instagram or email us at ! Who doesn't love a shameless chance to promote!😎

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